Lens Modeling in Javascript with Elliptical Lenses and Sources

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Mass Model

Source Model

Source Plane

Image Plane

Drag your mouse in the blocks "Mass Model" and "Source Model" to
draw ellipses, then move the cursor in the "Source Plane" block. Can
you discover anything interesting in the "Image Plane" block? Can
you reconstruct the Einstein Ring using your mouse? If you
reconstruct the lensed images successfully, you can use left click
on the block "Source Plane" to activate freeze-model, then click the
button "Save Lens Models" to save your model. If you would like
to email the model to linan7788626@gmail.com,
I really appreciate it.
Have Fun!

There is another interactive lens modeling tool named SpaghettiLens.
Please feel free to try SpaghettiLens, if you are interested.